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Recap IOS App Interactive Prototype

I worked with a startup called Recap to design an app prototype to resemble their future IOS app that is currently in the process of being developed. Click here to view an interactive prototype. Please not everything is not clickable

Changes Include:

Enhanced branding: Remodeled the logo and color scheme

Chart modification: made charts more aesthetically appealing and easier to read

Expanded Screens: made certain features screens swipe-able in order to make more realistic.

Recap App IOS Wireframes

Wireframes for the IOS version of the Recap app, focusing on showing more features for users to interact with and adding more visuals to the design of the app itself.

Initial App Sketches

Initial sketches for the recap app, based around motion, progress and statistics.

Recap Brand Guide

Guidelines for the Recap brand to follow in regard to their use of colors, logo, spacing and typography.

Recap Website Prototype

The purpose of the site was to provide a way for consumers to purchase the smart suit, please note this prototype is only partially interactive. Click here to view the prototype